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How to get the most out of Weight Watchers

I'm delighted that an article of mine entitled "Tips to help you get the most out of your group weight loss experience," which mentioned Thin is a State of Mind, appeared on the delightful web site Simple Nourished Living, spearheaded by Martha McKinnon. It's a great honor to appear there!

My piece gave tips on how to be successful with any group weight-loss plan:

1. You are your own expert

2. Attitude is everything

3. Insist on accepting only correct feedback

4. Think lifestyle, not diet

The last point is SO critical! Any weight loss will probably not act over time unless the dieter comes to appreciate that it's not "diets" we should be after (since diets are what one goes off of). What's needed is a "way of life," a disciplined approach to eating that can keep excess pounds off for life.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "With discipline, one has a handle on life. Without it, one is constantly burning one's hand on the pot. With discipline, one comes as close to having a fairy godmother as real life allows." Amy Gross, "The New Discipline"

Interview with Nancy Bryan - Mike Horn
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