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Sugar and cold turkey

On March 12, David Leonhardt wrote a useful and informative article in the New York Times titled "Big Sugar Versus Your Body." It described his family's attempt to remove hidden sources of sugar from their food choices. The goal was to preserve the sugary pleasure of certain foods (such as ice cream and chocolate, which he loved) but to be on the lookout for hidden added sugar (mostly found in processed foods).

Leonhardt mentioned in his column that "Working with experts and colleagues, I've now put together an online guide to cutting back on sugar". This is an extremely useful guide. Leonhard gives a brief summary of its recommendations in his column:

1. Fix your breakfast (e.g., omit sugared cereals and "quick" items)

2. Redo your pantry (be on the lookout for sugar in processed items)

3. Eliminate soda

4. Whip portion inflation (by which he means acknowledge that these days restaurant portions could easily serve two people).

Leonhardt's ringing closing words of his column are "The best news about sugar is that Americans are finally catching on. Sales of regular side are plunging. Some food brands are starting to brag about not adding sweeteners. For a long time, we didn't even realize what Big Sugar was trying to do to us. Now we do--and we can fight back."

Today's Words of Wisdom: "This I cannot do today, perhaps, but I can stop crying out, 'No, never.'"

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