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Oldies But Still Goldies

Perennial Wisdom

New and Noteworthy

Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind.  E.P. Dutton, 1979.

Timothy Gallwey, Inner Tennis.  Random House, 1976.

Don Gerrard, One Bowl.  Random House, 1974.

Arthur Kaslow, M.D., Freedom from Chronic Disease.  J.P. Tarcher, 1979.

George Leonard, The Ultimate Athlete.  Avon, 1977.

Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics.  Pocket Books, 1976.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg.  Pocket Books, 1973.

Fred Rohe, The Zen of Running.  Random House, 1974.

George Watson, Nutrition and Your Mind.  Harper & Row, 1972.

Sue Bender, Everyday Sacred.  HarperSanFrancisco, 1995.

Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi, The Way of Everyday Life.  Zen Center of Los Angeles, 1978.

Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.  John Weatherill, 1970.

Chogyma Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.  Shambhala Publications, 1973.

Dale Bredesen, M.D.  The End of Alzheimer's.  Avery, 2017.

Roxane Gay, Hunger.  HarperCollins, 2017.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, It Starts with Food.  Victory Belt Publishing, 2012.

Gina Kolata, Rethinking Thin.  Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.

Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating.  Hay House, 2017.

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