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Here's What Readers Are Saying

“Your book, Thin is a State of Mind, “talks” to me in a way no other book on compulsive overeating has.…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for explaining to me what I vaguely, subconsciously knew about myself but could not focus on or explain.  Your book took me some time to complete as I read it slowly, pencil in hand, to underline specific points.  It is completely marked up, which is the way a book that talks to its reader should be.”

“Your book was outstanding!…What a wonderful and powerful piece of writing you did.”

“Yesterday your book, Thin is a State of Mind, virtually leapt off the shelf at me.…This is just a brief note to say that I find your book to be incredibly well-researched and well-written.  It is a testimony to your skill and intelligence.  Well done!”

“Thanks to my close friend…in Fort Collins, Colorado, I too think Thin is a State of Mind a sensational book.  Thus far I have ordered three copies, and this week ordered three more!”

“I have just finished reading your book Thin is a State of Mind.  Being a compulsive overeater myself, I am also a compulsive collector of diet books!  Your book, without a doubt, is the Best!!”

“Your book, Thin is a State of Mind, is a fountain of knowledge.”

“[Your] book was tremendous.…It was the first sophisticated book on the subject that I have had the pleasure to read.…Much of [it] was a reminder of thoughts of my own, experiences of my own (both past and present) and a real affirmation of the process I’m in.”

“I have two personal copies of the book, and both are underlined.  After reading it about six times and filling the margins with notes to myself in application of your principles or in agreement with them, I had to experience the book again…so I bought and read a fresh copy.  Naturally, though, my impulse to apply and agree held sway once again and the second copy became mine in a true sense also.  So I now have two very marked-up copies that are particularly interesting to me in that they evidence the growth in my thinking over time, such growth to a large degree prompted by your book."

“My admiration of style, content, and intellectual grasp as well as human empathy is enormous!”

"I felt I was having a conversation with this book."

Thin is a State of Mind has earned five 5-star reviews on

“I fondly remember that when I first read a review of this book in a fitness magazine…my mother called the publisher and ordered it for me. I still have my original copy: tattered cover, text full of underlining, highlighting, and my comments in the margins.  …I have read the book over and over again. Some of her points make so much sense and often occur to me when I think about the horrors of compulsive eating and impatient weight loss. …This is the only sane way to get on the road to better emotional and physical health and subsequently to a thinner body. I know because I lost 80 pounds and this way of thinking is the only way I can keep it off and stay healthy.”

“This is an awesome book. I’ve known about it for a while, and read it several times just as a reminder to keep me on the right track. I find it hard to believe that it was written 30 years ago. It truly is an inspired book. Read it. Read it. Read it.”

“This book explains a very complex issue in a very simple way which exposes the underlying misconceptions regarding weight loss. The result is an arsenal of equipment to make and sustain permanent changes. …I loved this book, and believe it will help me to maintain my 125-lb. weight loss because it has changed me from the inside out.”

“I HIGHLY recommend this book!  I came across it in a local library years ago and it blew me away! She writes such truths, that if you have struggled with your weight, you will right away identify with. And take away such great insight and revelation. It really is a grand book.”

“Very interesting so far; seems to be ahead of the time as was published in 1980! Not light commentary—I must concentrate as I read.”

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